It’s daring, it’s fun, it’s revelatory and it’s new.
— Robert Marshall
Completely leave feeling as if you’ve just been given a shot of serotonin.
— Susan Daitch
Witty, brooding, contemplative, explosive: take your pick.
— Margo Jefferson
“A FLASHPOINT performance is heartbreakingly beautiful...You leave happier to be alive.”
— Bonnie Friedman

“FLASHPOINT is a new kind of vocal music—an ensemble of writers telling stories onstage in all kinds of rhythms and registers, accompanied by a single musician. Witty, brooding, contemplative, explosive: take your pick. Each is a compelling soloist. Together they turn their fine individual compositions into a night of wonderful improvisation.” –Margo Jefferson, author of On Michael Jackson

“A FLASHPOINT performance is a fantastic bricolage of language and music, full of unexpected links, linguistic jostling, and happy coincidences. As each performer follows the next, and later repeats, relationships between the stories, the jump cuts, and all that came before, begins to fit together. The individual stories are completely seductive, but each solo holds hands with all the others, and is an integral part of the whole evening's map. Point being: you leave feeling as if you've just been given a shot of serotonin.” –Susan Daitch, author of The Colorist and Storytown.

"Attending a FLASHPOINT performance is like hearing — or being inside — a postmodern novel. We never know what the 6 writer/characters and one musician will do next. This creates mystery, suspense, and a thrilling balance between abstraction and narrative. The mash-ups aren't random; each writer/character retains the essence and integrity of her/his particular narrative thread, as the music follows and leads. It's daring, it's fun, it's revelatory and it's new." —Robert Marshall, author of A Separate Reality

“A FLASHPOINT performance is heartbreakingly beautiful – it makes you feel like great writing might actually save the world.  The canny observations, the lilt of spoken story on the tongue, the interplay of voices, the riffing, roistering, randy, realistic rendering of moment – all crack you open, and make you want to say yes, yes.  You leave happier to be alive.” —Bonnie Friedman, author of Writing Past Dark