arthur kell


ARTHUR KELL is one of the most original voices on today's New York jazz scene. For the past twenty years, he has played with a cross-section of the most influential contemporary jazz musicians in New York City and around the world.

Arthur has played extensively with artists such as Thomas Chapin, Bobbie Previte, Shelley Hirsch and Fred Ho, Billy Bang, Marc Ribot and Mark Feldman, Sam Newsome, Armen Donelian, Dave Berkman, Cliff Korman, Guillermo Klein, Christian Howes, John Stetch, Bruce Barth and the Finnish singer, Sanni Orasmaa.

He has been paired on recordings with Bernie Purdie, Matt Wilson and Anton Fier. Since 1997, he has led groups featuring such contemporary jazz stars as Loren Stillman, Bill McHenry, Brad Shepik, Steve Cardenas, Matt Wilson, Gerald Cleaver, Donny McCaslin and Chris Cheek.

Arthur is on the board of directors at Music Omi. Arthur has traveled extensively in Africa, India and Kyrgyzstan. In a four month period in 1994-95, he traveled alone by local transportation from Senegal to the Indian Ocean, including 900 miles by camel through the Sahara desert in Niger and Chad.