george michelsen foy

She listened to the BBC in secret, and she sabotaged the coffeegrinder. This was a hard blow.

GEORGE MICHELSEN FOY is the author of twelve published novels (under both names) and two nonfiction books, including Zero Decibels: the Quest for Absolute Silence (Scribners, 2010). He is the recipient of a National Endowment of the Arts fellowship in fiction; his novel Art & Practice of Explosion won second place in Foreword magazine's novel of the year award.


His articles, reviews, and stories have been published by Rolling Stone, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Harper’s, and Men’s Journal, among others.

He has been a commercial fisherman, a tunnel laborer, and factory worker: he has also worked as investigative reporter, writer, and/or editor for publications such as BusinessWeek, the International Herald Tribune, and the Cape Cod Times

He was educated at the Sorbonne, the London School of Economics and Bennington College, and teaches creative writing at New York University.

He divides his time between coastal Massachusetts and New York.